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What benefits can a good planner bring to jewelry box packaging?

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  • June 12, 2019

If you need custom jewelry boxes, then what should be done about the planning of the jewelry boxes, in order to meet the production standards of the jewelry box manufacturers, so that it is both trendy and selling, and practicable? In fact, this is mainly because a planner who is a jewelry box packaging needs to understand the process of the factory, and can flexibly use these processes. In fact, in terms of technology, it is relatively simple to understand, but the demand planner goes to the sensitive control and calls these skills. It's not a simple matter to form a perfect jewelry box packaging plan.


What benefits can a good planner bring to jewelry box packaging?


Everyone knows that a piece of paper can't be finished with a different fold. The shape of a gift box is so beautiful and sturdy, so these cardboards will pass through a process called "beer". This process is like the border of an object. The part of the jewelry box packaging plan is properly tightened, so an experienced planner will not make the pattern of the jewelry box packaging too close to the margin, unless it is a whole picture, two sides are required. Together they are combined into one whole.


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In addition to considering the mouth of the beer process, you have to understand the distribution of paper and other processes, like many special papers with their own texture or some uneven appearance, and some kraft paper will not use the process skills of the film, due to the appearance After the uneven paper surface is covered, it may not present any anomalies in the short time just after the completion of production, which leads to product quality problems, but after a long time, an obvious shortcoming will appear. Bubbles, this can be said to be more serious than the shortcomings of ink spots, just like a mobile phone, if it is a bad film, it will not look good once it bubbles, so a skilled jade box packaging planner will be full Taking into account raw materials and planning processes.


This is a good plan for the benefits of the manufacture of jewelry box packaging, and the jewelry box manufacturer also attaches great importance to this aspect.