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Color design analysis of custom jewelry boxes

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  • June 12, 2019

The colors of custom jewelry boxes are divided into four categories, primary colors, intermediate colors, complex colors, complementary colors, and so on. Its three elements include hue, purity, lightness and so on. Hue refers to the appearance and mutual difference of color. The basic hue includes red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. The effect on the human retina makes people feel different colors. Brightness refers to the amount of light that stimulates the human eye. Faced with different colors, people will have psychological reactions such as cold and warm, light and dark, light and heavy, strong and weak, far and near, and shrinking.


Color design analysis of custom jewelry boxes


The color design of the custom jewelry boxes and the attributes of the goods should also be matched. The design of color can make consumers think of the characteristics and performance of goods. Regardless of the color, it should be based on the content of the product as the basic starting point. According to the color of the custom jewelry boxes, consumers can think of the goods in the package.


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So how do you use these colors when custom jewelry boxes?
1. Red tone represents enthusiasm, unrestrained, mostly used in cosmetics and food
2. Blue tone represents quiet, cool, calm, can be used for swimwear, water sports equipment, cold drinks, summer vests, etc.
3. Purple tone represents noble, elegant, mysterious, often used in high-end cosmetics, jewelry, gift gifts
4. Yellow tone represents pleasant, lively and affluent, used to package textiles


When paying attention, the use of custom jewelry boxes is not inconsistent, and should be flexibly innovated according to product characteristics, and design unexpected products.