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Characteristics and selection of flocking cloth in jewelry packaging box

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  • March 21, 2019

A good product, if there is no good packaging, will also drop a grade.The same goes for jewelry. If there is no good jewelry packaging box, even the most beautiful jewelry will look dull and dull.

So how to choose materials to make jewelry packaging box have high quality?We're going to talk about the flocking used in jewelry packaging box here.


beautiful jewelry packaging box


Flocking fabric is mainly used for the inner liner of jewelry packaging box. The fabric of rubbing pattern flocking fabric kneaded by water pressure will not shed the wool and will not affect the quality of the goods, which can set off the beauty of the goods.Flock flannel fabrics special some beautiful lines are put in jewelry package box, can let a person feel very high-grade.Light color rubs the grain to plant the flannelette fabric fabric, may better foil the commodity superiority.


jewelry packaging box


Nowadays, customers pay more attention to appearance. Both people and jewelry packaging box, beautiful appearance can bring more added value. Therefore, the selection of flocking packaging of jewelry box is also very important.





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