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What is the minimum order for custom jewelry boxes?

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  • Jimmy at
  • December 19, 2019

Jewelry box manufacturers and customers will encounter the same problem. How much is the MOQ required? Obviously, if the customer's demand is not large, it is often impossible to meet the MOQ requirements of the manufacturers. The quantity of your custom jewelry box is too low, and the cost to the manufacturer is also very large. Why is this?


Before printing gift boxes, jewelry box manufacturers must first print the CTP version. If there are several colors on the printed manuscript, they need to be printed on several editions. It takes 20-30 minutes to get a good version. When the machine runs and corrects the color, dozens or even hundreds of papers have been lost. If it is difficult to adjust the color, more paper will be lost. Now, if it is double-sided printing, the two sides need to be aligned, and there is some loss. In this way, if you want to adjust the machine, you will lose two or three hundred sheets of paper.


custom jewelry box


If the machine is running normally, the speed of the machine is quite fast. It can print 12,500 sheets in one hour and print more than 200 sheets in one minute. If the customer only needs one hundred boxes (assuming that one piece of paper spells five boxes), Then only 20 sheets of paper are needed to complete the problem. The problem is that the customer needs 20 sheets of paper, but 200 sheets of paper are lost in the front, and the machine runs away more than 200 sheets of paper in one minute. That is, as long as the machine moves, it can print out a thousand boxes, so the printing factory stipulates that the MOQ of jewelry boxes must meet certain requirements before it can be done.


So if the number of custom jewelry boxes is not very high, you either pay a relatively high cost or directly wholesale the jewelry boxes that the manufacturer stocks, so that the price can be as low as possible.