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What are the linings of custom printed jewelry boxes?

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  • Jimmy at
  • December 08, 2019

Many customers do not know what the role of the lining is when custom printed jewelry boxes. First, the most important role of the lining is to protect the article from damage caused by collision, friction, etc. When the article is shaken, it is mainly to prevent the article from shifting and shaking And it plays a buffering role, and the delicate inner support can also set off the value of the product. Of course, the inner lining of custom printed jewelry boxes is also divided into many types. Let me introduce the current mainstream ones:


custom printed jewelry boxes


1. Flat type: It is mainly used to separate the contents into two layers, the front, the left, and the right. This is relatively simple.

2. Filling type: fill the space at the top of the corrugated gift box, so that the contents do not jump in the box.

3. Angle type: Fill the four corners of the corrugated gift box to fix the contents.

4. Combination type: Combination type is a combination of basic types, that is, it is composed of two or more basic box types, which are represented by multiple groups of four digits or codes.


What are the linings of custom printed jewelry boxes?


5. Straight sleeve type: It plays a role of separation and strengthens the compressive strength of the gift box, especially to protect the lowermost gift box from collapsing during stacking.

6, partition type: gift boxes separate the contents so that they do not collide with each other.

7, flat sleeve type: mainly plays a strengthening role, so that the bottom of the box will not sink due to load, and increase compressive strength.

So, know what kind of lining you want when custom printed jewelry boxes, so that you can make a better box for your product.