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Basic elements of bronzing commonly used in custom jewelry boxes

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  • December 08, 2019

It can be seen from the basic process of hot stamping that the three basic elements of custom jewelry box manufacturers' hot stamping are: temperature, pressure and stamping time. In order to obtain the ideal stamping effect, the process parameters such as stamping temperature, stamping pressure and stamping speed must be reasonably grasped; in addition, the quality of the raw materials related to stamping must be guaranteed, such as the suitability of the stamping material , The performance of anodized aluminum materials and the quality of hot stamping plates and so on. If something goes wrong with a custom jewelry box manufacturer, it will definitely affect the final hot stamping effect.


          custom jewelry box


1.Custom jewelry box should choose the appropriate anodized aluminum model according to the different substrates.

The structure of anodized aluminum has 5 layers, namely: a polyester film layer, a peeling layer, a color layer (protective layer), an aluminum layer and an adhesive layer. There are many types of anodized aluminum, such as l, 2, 8, 12, and 15, and so on. In addition to gold, there are dozens of colors including silver, blue, brown red, green, and red. When choosing anodized aluminum, you must not only choose the appropriate color, but also choose the corresponding model according to the different substrates. Different models have different performances and suitable materials.


2.Custom jewelry box manufacturers need to choose the right substrate

There are many substrates that can be bronzed, usually paper, such as: coated paper, white paper, white cardboard, cloth paper, offset paper, and so on. However, not all papers have a good stamping effect. If the surface is rough and the paper is loose, for example, for example, book paper, poor offset paper, etc., the anodized aluminum layer cannot adhere to its surface well. The gloss can not be reflected well, and it may not even be hot stamped. Therefore, the hot stamping substrate should be paper with dense texture, high smoothness, and strong surface strength, so as to obtain a good hot stamping effect. The gloss is fully reflected.

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