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What are the details of custom jewelry boxes?

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  • Jimmy at
  • November 27, 2019

There are many types of jewelry boxes. The details of different types of jewelry boxes need to be noted are different, especially for custom jewelry boxes, which have high requirements on color, specifications, and box type. As a jewelry box manufacturer, we will share the details that need attention when customizing jewelry boxes.


1. Tiandi cover box: When we get a box, we first need to see if there are any problems with printing, bronzing, bumps, scratches, glue, wrinkles, etc., and then look at the material, hemming, and positioning for wrinkles. , Leaking corners, dirty spots, empty bags, open glue, glue, etc., whether the molding corners are flat, high or low.


custom jewelry boxes


2. Middle seam cover box: In addition to the problems mentioned above, we should also pay attention to the gap of the middle layer, such as gaps, glue, high and low angles, breakage, etc., and then see if there are obvious gaps after closing the lid, there is a kind of upper and lower cover boxes. Pay attention to whether the size of the four sides is the same when closing the cover in the middle, which is not uniform enough.
3. Cylinder box: In addition to the same surface problems, pay attention to the cylinder is not round enough, there is no gap in the bottom plate, there is no glue around the inner layer, and the perimeter is not smooth enough.


4. Clamshell box: The appearance is the same as above. Pay attention to the direction of the outer connection label. The left and right sides of the outer connection label have super edges and short edges that affect the appearance. After opening, first check whether the angle after opening is significantly different. Whether the inner cover label and the connection label are attached well on four sides, whether there are leaking edges or gray boards on the four sides when the liner is mounted, whether the middle layer has high and low angle glue, whether the middle layer is damaged, whether the inner support is too loose or too tight.


custom jewelry boxes


5. Folding box: After molding, pay attention to the box lying flat on the table, whether there are 90-degree angles on the four sides, whether there are obvious gaps in the lids, whether the left and right sides have the same size, and whether the internal and external folding positions are folded. Wrinkle, whether the four-sided double-sided tape is attached correctly, pay attention to the front and back of the ribbon, the length of the ribbon, whether there is a seat size according to customer requirements, the tail of the ribbon must not be fluffed, the lining of the ribbon can not be broken, four sides Do not spill or penetrate.


6. Drawer box: In addition to the above box type problems, pay attention to the size of the drawer to ensure that it is moderately tight and not too tight or too loose.


The above 6 aspects introduce the details that need attention. If you need to customize jewelry boxes, don't forget to pay attention to every detail.