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Jewelry showcase - the best

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  • October 13, 2018

The jewelry window is the brand information that the potential customers first contacted before entering the store. It reflects the brand culture and creative jewelry packaging. Can you grasp the eyeball to guide the potential customers to consume, so that the window is the best "advertising position" can not be ignored The main points. First of all, we must know that human behavior has three characteristics - light, color, and singularity. These three characteristics can be used to transform jewelry windows.

creative jewelry packaging

Resize - zoom in or out on partial creative jewelry packaging

This is the exaggerated technique commonly used in window display. This kind of thing is not just the patent of “Net Red”. As long as the creative jewelry packaging is enlarged or reduced in size, it can create a different visual sense. People’s eyes are often compared with common things. Attracted by the inconsistent scene, here is the use of the characteristics of human behavior.

Change color - color reset for creative jewelry packaging
Color rendering is the first induction of the human eye to the external environment, and the most obvious induction. Changing the original color of creative jewelry packaging, especially the use of bright colors will often increase people's attention to this window, attract more customers to pay attention to the goods.

creative jewelry packaging


Change the arrangement - use creative jewelry packaging for subversive arrangement.
This kind of window also uses the characteristics of hunting, often does not play cards according to common sense, and the hunting is very strong. However, the design of this kind of window is often love to do things, often easy to cause counter-effects, people pay attention to the display itself, neglect the goods themselves.

Change the light - use lights that are inconsistent with the surrounding environment.
This type of window uses phototaxis, the light source is often more direct to the eye, and, combined with the color rendering, changing the light can also increase people's attention to the window, attract more customers to pay attention to the goods.

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