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Custom jewelry packaging How to tell the beauty of jewelry is more prominent?

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  • September 21, 2018

Jewelry can reflect its beauty through the design of custom jewelry packaging, and custom jewelry custom jewelry packaging is an elegant art. As people buy more and more jewelry, v is like art.

Custom jewelry packaging

In the custom jewelry packaging, custom jewelry packaging is indispensable, the design and placement of custom jewelry packaging is very important. Custom jewelry packaging should match the color of jewelry. The color of custom jewelry packaging can reflect the best side of jewelry. The color of packaging and jewelry can't be too monotonous. The two should be angry together, such as black and white. A dark wait. Custom jewelry packaging color should be matched according to seasonal changes. Spring is a colorful season. Necklaces, bracelets, pendants and other accessories are worn in a variety of styles. The choice and design of the road should be diverse and colorful. In summer, the clothes are thin and the color is light, and the color of the product should be lighter. In winter, the color of wearing and wearing is heavy, and the color of the packaging should also match. Of course, the choice of color is mainly determined according to personal hobbies and cultural tastes.

Custom jewelry packaging

Jewelry display is very important for jewellery. The style of careful combination can be turned into magic, and an outdated jewelry will shine and stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Jewelry is displayed in the window, with professional professional jewelry packaging, such as necklace display head seat, finger simulation display ring, jewelry box, jewelry tray, jewelry display pallet, and other unique image display packaging.
, can be very good for the role of model demonstration for consumers. The neat, clean and orderly display also creates a good shopping environment for consumers. The successful color matching also gives people amazing effects in color collision. It will be brought to various different furnishings and shapes. You don't have the same clear sense of sight. In addition, in the product mix, the jewelry display should be replaced frequently, giving customers a feeling of prosperity.




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