7 Hot Stamping Processes for Custom Jewelry Boxes

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  • February 25, 2023

We also shared about the hot stamping process in the front. When you customize a jewelry box, some golden patterns on the box are made through the hot stamping process. There are many kinds of bronzing techniques, and each technique has its own characteristics.


What is hot stamping, hot stamping is commonly known as hot stamping. It is a commonly used printing process, and its principle is to use temperature and pressure to transfer "gold foil" for processing. The principle is to transfer the gold foil to the substrate paper in a designed pattern by heating and pressing. Let's learn about the 7 hot stamping processes together.


1. Hot blanching technology

This technology is a hot stamping technology commonly used in China. The hot stamping effect is good, the application range is wide, and the price is moderate. It can also be combined with embossing technology to perform three-dimensional hot stamping to present a relief effect. It is the most common hot stamping application in domestic gift box packaging production and design. craft. The principle, material, and process of hot stamping are all centered on hot stamping.


customize a jewelry box


2. Cold perm technology

Cold foiling refers to the method of transferring hot stamping foils to substrates using UV adhesives. First, apply glue on the cover of the jewelry packaging box, then cover the special cold foil film and quickly remove the bottom film, the whole cold stamping process is completed. The touch of the cold perm is smooth, unlike the obvious bumpy feel of the hot perm.


3. Ironing technology

Also called flat stamping, that is, directly stamping the graphic content. This is the most commonly used hot stamping method in gift box packaging. It not only highlights the metallic texture of hot stamping elements but also reduces the difficulty of crafting compared with reverse ironing and multiple ironing.


4. Anti-scalding technology

It is the opposite of positive stamping, which can be understood as hollowing out, that is, elements are stamped with a blank background to form a larger stamping area. Generally, it is only suitable for paper with smooth and coated surfaces, otherwise, it is not recommended to use reverse ironing, so as not to affect the clarity of graphics. Therefore, anti-ironing should pay special attention to the texture of the paper and the grasp of the hot stamping area.


5. Seal and inscription ironing technology

It is an ingenious combination of hot stamping and printing. Its principle is to print and design graphics on the packaging first and then align the gold foil with the printed graphics through hot stamping. The process of production has high requirements for position registration.


6. Multiple hot stamping


refers to hot stamping two or more gold foils on the same screen/part. In addition to multi-color hot stamping by nesting, multiple hot stamping can also be performed (that is, another layer on the gold foil), but this method needs to pay attention to the compatibility between the gold foils to prevent the phenomenon of weak adhesion.


7. Three-dimensional ironing technology

Both hot stamping and embossing are standard post-press processes, and the combination of the two becomes a new process - three-dimensional ironing. Three-dimensional hot stamping is to combine the hot stamping and embossing templates together to make a male and female mold that bites up and down, so as to realize the hot stamping and embossing process at one time.


The difference between hot stamping and gold printing: Hot stamping is a common name for hot stamping, which is a printing process; gold printing is a printing method, which refers to the printing of spot-color gold inks by printing machines.

The above is the introduction to the hot stamping process. Custom jewelry boxes need to decorate on the surface of the box. Hot stamping will make your packaging box look more beautiful.

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