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Use and maintenance of watch packaging boxes

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  • Jimmy at
  • September 27, 2017

Watch packaging boxes, I believe most people see this name will know that it is the packaging of watches, watches have many styles, watch packaging boxes are no exception. Different packaging boxes, in addition to different styles, the materials used may also be different.

plastic watch packaging boxes

Many people are pursuing the plastic watch packaging boxes, perhaps this is the improvement of people's living standards, not only for the protection of the watch, there is the phenomenon is not to buy watches, with the famous brand watch packaging boxes, and this is a fashion trend. The watch box can improve the image of the watch and improve the taste of the watch.

In the coming years, with people's concept of time is more and more strong, more and more people will use the watch, but not the brand dare not say, but a lot of people on their watches are very easy to watch love, feelings are very protective of watches, so buy a box to hold the largest deposit watch. The degree of protection of the watch. So, what shouldI pay attention to when using plastic watch packaging boxes everyday? How to maintain it?

paper watch packaging boxes

1, plastic watches packaging boxes absolutely can not touch,this is easy to cause closed imbalance

2, closed as a little delicate, because this is a fragile items

3, open when also need to be gentle, if too hard, it is very likely to watch also called out

4, hand wet, it is best not to contact the table box, especially after washing clothes

Plastic watch packaging boxes maintenance
1, cleaning time is best to use only water
2, the inside of the box must be protected
3, once the surface of the box has become loose, it is recommended to add some cotton things to ensure compaction
4, usually do not place in the rough place.