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Do you know the visual difference effect of wholesale jewelry packaging?

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  • Jimmy at
  • September 05, 2018

The visual difference effect of the wholesale jewelry packaging adjusts the display space scale. The so-called visual difference effect is the phenomenon that the visual experience is different from the actual situation due to the action of the visual law. This visual difference effect has both physical factors and color shading. The shape parallax of the wholesale jewelry packaging has a strong adjustment effect on the display space scale, and the parallax generated by the perspective law can also adjust the display space scale.

wholesale jewelry packaging

The effect of the color and brightness of the parallax effect on the spatial scale is not as significant as the above-mentioned body adjustment, but it can also play a certain role. The color of the cold and warm, dark and dark makes it have different visual characteristics such as contraction or expansion. Thereby the scale of the space can be adjusted.

wholesale jewelry packaging

Wholesale jewelry packaging will play an increasingly important role as an important part of the exhibition space. New materials, new processes, new design concepts, new display methods will emerge, and the design style of wholesale jewelry packaging will follow. With each passing day, it is especially important to design and arrange display props in a specific exhibition space environment. After the display space is determined, as the main component and embodiment of the space environment function, wholesale jewelry packaging is one of the most important components in the display space design, and its role is very important.





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