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How to distinguish good or bad when wholesale jewelry boxes?

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  • April 19, 2019

Jewelry boxes are an important part of jewelry packaging. They can attract customers' attention, promote customers' purchase of jewelry, and also make customers convenient for subsequent jewelry use. In particular, customers frequently use jewelry boxes, so the quality of the jewelry box is also of concern to customers. So how do we identify the quality of jewelry boxes when our jewelers are in wholesale jewelry boxes?


when our jewelers are in wholesale jewelry boxes


The first is the carton, which has a wide variety of types, but it can be judged by selecting the following places: 1. The adhesive on the joints of the two faces, whether there is open glue, not firm; 2, the overall hardness, hardness is not Good force is easy to deform; 3, the core cloth inside the carton grade, the quality of the flannel is not good quality; 4, paper, the current carton is made of domestic paper, some of the bottom quality paper is easy to fade, viscose Not easy to open the glue, the carton is easy to get on the tide.


Jewelry plastic boxes are all produced with a single film. If the film thickness is too thin, the box will be brittle, and it will crack when it encounters a collision. If the lotus leaf of the plastic box is not good, it will be deformed by a few times when it is closed, or directly Can not be closed; the plastic box is imported paper, and the crease is obvious is the domestic paper.


wholesale jewelry boxes


Because of the material, the PVC box is relatively simple to construct, mainly because how to determine the degree of closure of several contact surfaces.


In addition, the installation quality of the iron ring, the wire buckle and the rubber band in the inner core is a good point of attention for us to choose the jewelry box.


The wholesale jewelry boxes are relatively large in quantity, especially for quality control. Whether it is a jewelry box manufacturer or a jewelry box buyer, the quality should be strictly checked.


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