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What kind of jewelry box do consumers prefer?

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  • January 09, 2020

The competition in the jewelry market is very fierce. As major brands continue to improve their products, they also pay more and more attention to the design of jewelry packaging boxes. As jewelry is a higher value product, the packaging box is also a part of its value manifestation. What about the design of jewelry packaging boxes? Do you make consumers more recognized?


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Choose the right novel box type:

There are many choices in the design of jewelry packaging boxes, and the choice should be based on the positioning and value of the product. For the general positioning level, you can choose a simpler box type, such as a folding pull box or upper and lower cover, book-shaped box, as long as the unique design is in place, the packaging will be exquisite; for the high-level positioning level, generally recommend the world cover, Siamese Heaven and earth covers, pull-out boutique boxes, etc., and even more chic boutique shaped boxes, combined with perfect design and craftsmanship, the effect is very good.


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Select a good inner support material:

The inner support has a very obvious effect on the jewelry packaging box. It not only plays a protective role in the product, but also shows the grade of the product. Generally, the jewelry packaging box will choose a suit and use a high-end EVA inner support. EVA material can better protect the product, and the material is more solid, and it is a commonly used material for jewelry boxes. Of course, you can also choose an affordable price. You can choose soft foam or blister. The material of soft foam is slightly softer than EVA, and the density and aesthetics are slightly worse than EVA. The price of blister is lower, and the material is harder. , Choose materials and suitable colors according to product positioning.


Design and craftsmanship:

Jewelry box design also needs to consider the design style and the post-production process. According to the characteristics of the product and brand, design the appropriate layout, and then make different processes according to the design characteristics. Hot stamping is our more commonly used technique. Many colors such as gold, silver, and blue can be selected. Of course, there are also UV, sharp convex, and silver card reverse methods.