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What is the jewellery box inner tray besides EVA?

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  • Jimmy at
  • March 15, 2020

Jewelry packaging boxes are used to store precious jewellery. The box contains a variety of materials, not only the variety of materials but also the technology. Next, let the jewelry box manufacturers explain the inner tray commonly used in jewelry packaging boxes.


There are four types of jewellery packaging boxes: blister, sponge, pearl cotton, and EVA, each of which has a different combination. Sponges are often paired with silk cloth. Jewelry box manufacturers use a punch to cut the sponge into pieces.


custom Jewelry packaging boxes


Pearl cotton is also more suitable for matching with silk cloth. This is mostly used for heavier product inner support, because the hardness of pearl cotton is better.


Blister is a high-end inner support that can be used alone. If you add flocking, it is very high-end. But because it is plastic, it is not environmentally friendly, and its hardness is not enough. General box manufacturers rarely use it.


Finally, it is the highest-grade EVA. EVA can also be used alone, which is relatively high-grade, with good hardness but softness.


Each material has its own points, but the price and user experience are slightly different. Customers can choose which inner care material to use according to actual needs.



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