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unique jewelry packaging ideas:Simple

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  • August 22, 2018

There is always a 7-second principle in the window display, and the customer will decide whether to enter the store within 7 seconds after seeing the window. Therefore, in order to make the jewelry window more eye-catching and colorful, many brands will choose to add more unique jewelry packaging ideas to the jewelry window.

But in fact, less is more, unique jewelry packaging ideas can also be very good, even in the senses will have a more comfortable experience. Simplicity is not simple, exquisite and creative, so you can't stop it!

Appropriately reduce the window, attracting customers and retaining customers. The minimalist window that is well done will surely be invisible like other minimalist designs. Many brands have made the window window very simple, but the beauty is the ultimate!

unique jewelry packaging ideas

You don't have an individual to create a minimalist jewelry window? Intimate I have already summed up for you, as long as you start from the following two aspects, you can feel the charm brought by the "Jane" method, so that the jewelry window grades only increase:

The use of other solid backgrounds on a large scale can make the picture look simple, but also emphasize the product and highlight the theme. Remember that only one color can be used. It is not completely impossible to use multiple colors, but you should use the same color system and make a transition.

2. Product is prop

Sometimes you don't need unique jewelry packaging ideas, only the goods themselves are enough to hold up the burden of this window display. Metal elements with a gold background make it look more advanced. Look, passing by the passers-by, I noticed the jewelry in the window. In the case of unique jewelry packaging ideas, unique jewelry packaging ideas should be given for jewellery, and the same elements should not appear too much, highlighting the product.

unique jewelry packaging ideas

Sometimes it's a minimalist but a light luxury, so do a proper subtraction of unique jewelry packaging ideas, so that your jewelry window can't be bored!


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