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Tips for identifying good or bad jewelry boxes

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  • January 31, 2020

Jewelry box plays an important role in jewelry packaging products, it can protect jewelry well. Since customers often use jewelry boxes to store jewelry after purchasing jewelry, jewelry boxes can show brand characteristics, and quality is also a concern for customers. So how should our jeweler distinguish the quality of the jewelry box?


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The first is the jewelry packaging carton. There are many types of it, but you can determine it by choosing the following places:

1. Adhesion at the joints on both sides, whether there is open glue, not firm;
2. Overall hardness, easy deformation due to poor hardness;
3. The grade of flannel inside the carton, the quality of the flannel with bad quality is obviously bad;
4. With paper, low-quality paper is easy to fade, the adhesive is not strong and easy to open, and the paper box is easy to get wet.
Secondly, the jewelry plastic box is generated from a single film. If the thickness of the film is too thin, the jewelry box will be brittle, and it will crack when it encounters a collision. Or cannot be closed directly.


Due to the material reasons, the composition of PVC jewelry box is relatively simple. It is mainly to determine the degree of closure of several contact surfaces. The above are the skills to judge the quality of the jewelry box. If you have any other needs, please contact us.