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How to control the tightness of the heaven and earth box when customizing gift boxes?

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  • December 12, 2019

The most common custom gift box is the world box opened up and down. The box is simple, the production cycle is short, and the cost is low. Among the many types of gift boxes, it can be said to be the simplest, but the gift box manufacturers also have a difficulty when making the gift boxes in the world, that is, the tightness. It means the degree of difficulty when the box is opened. The looser it is, the easier it is to open, and the tighter it is, the harder it is to open. How to control the tightness of the heaven and earth box when customizing the gift box?


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The principle of the heaven and earth cover gift box is very simple, that is, the tightness is determined by controlling the size of the heaven and earth boxes. If the ground box is a fixed size, you only need to make the box larger when the box is made, and it will be tighter when it is made smaller. The principle is very simple, but the specific elasticity is difficult to control. First of all, it needs to be determined according to the material, size and weight of the box. In addition, the needs of customers are also important factors. Generally, it is most suitable to ensure that the box can slowly fall naturally when the box is holding the sky box. Gift box manufacturers usually leave a gap of about 2-3mm to ensure that they fall naturally.


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In addition, some customers have special requirements, gift box manufacturers will first proof to confirm the tightness. Generally experienced gift box manufacturers will help customers to maintain tightness, if there is no special requirements, there will be no problem.