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What is the strength of a jewellery packaging manufacturers?

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  • April 02, 2019

When selecting jewellery packaging manufacturers, everyone will have their own standards, regardless of the size of the factory, the number of personnel, design and manufacturing technology, delivery speed, etc., will be considered accordingly. So, What is the strength of a jewellery packaging manufacturers?


jewellery packaging manufacturers


Although new materials and new technologies provide new space for jewelry packaging design, such as resin, PU imitation leather, flannel, various new papers (grain paper, wood grain paper, etc.). However, looking at the jewellery packaging products circulating in the market, the problems reflected in the design, such as lack of visual impact, lack of diversification of form and function, and serious imitation of each other, are still prominent. Because the modern jewellery industry is very young, the overall start is relatively late, and the jewelry matching products have not attracted widespread attention in the industry. In addition, due to the uniqueness of jewellery itself, its transformation from arts and crafts to modern design is not thorough. Due to the traditional processing methods, many links still need to be done manually. This will also restrict the development of jewellery packaging manufacturers.


What is the strength of a jewellery packaging manufacturers?


I believe that a powerful jewellery packaging manufacturers, its factory is to have a certain scale, such as plant area, number of workers, machinery and equipment, etc. With these hardware facilities, production quality and efficiency can be controlled. The design team is also very important. jewellery packaging manufacturers can design stylish and beautiful jewelry boxes and jewelry bags according to customers' needs. In addition, the operational flow of jewellery packaging manufacturers is also very important, good production processes and standards can control the production rhythm and deliver products to customers in a timely manner. The last one is the accumulation of experience. Generally speaking, the five-year jewellery packaging manufacturers will be more experienced than only one or two years, and more than 10 years is better, but this is not certain. Also look at the samples made by jewellery packaging manufacturers, only the samples made are good, can explain everything.


Well, the above are some of the standards of the powerful jewellery packaging manufacturers, you may have other opinions, welcome to communicate with us.



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