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How does the jewelry paper box highlight the theme?

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  • Jimmy at
  • September 07, 2018

For the understanding of the theme of jewelry paper box, we can not only be limited to the theme of a certain style, but should always focus on market trends and consumer trends as our theme, and show it when the market needs it most. The jewelry paper box can consider a few points:

jewelry paper box

1. For the brand new products and ornamental goods, this part of the goods itself is designed with a certain theme concept, the main purpose is the display and promotion of the brand. The purpose of jewelry paper box here is to create a visual aesthetic, enhance the brand image, attract customers and stimulate purchase.

2, for the regular goods is the profit of goods in the store or counter, the focus of the jewelry paper box is that the counter is our main push goods, the most important part, consider how to increase sales. It is said that the jewelry paper box here should be centered around the satisfaction of the final consumer, market-oriented, and display the most important products in the best position.

jewelry paper box

3, for different periods, such as this season's main push series, special offer and so on. This part of the goods should be placed separately on the jewelry paper box. And do the main thing, highlight the main products that you want to sell. In the display of goods, we must first keep the classification clearly, so that the same category of goods can be displayed together, which is convenient for customers to choose and purchase. Most other items should be interlaced and matched with the appropriate styles. Display together. The problem of the proportion of each type of jewelry should be adjusted at any time as the season changes.

jewelry paper box

4. For most of the items that have not been serialized, we generally display them in the order of the color, style, variety, material and price of the goods, and they are more compact in actual display (ie, the density of goods is some ), in order to achieve rich and dazzling visual effects. Especially for the display of jade jade, crystal series, silver jewelry can greatly retain the customer's footsteps. Increase the opportunities for sales people to communicate with customers. Can promote sales more. It is not easy to do this, and the requirements for the jewelry paper box display of the goods are higher. We need to have strong hands-on ability and a good sense of aesthetics.




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