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What should I consider for jewelry packaging wholesale?

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  • September 18, 2018

The jewelry packaging wholesale materials are generally very different from the jewelry packaging wholesale materials, and can be said to be completely different materials.

Jewelry packaging wholesale can be divided into paper boxes, plastic embryo boxes, and lacquered wood boxes, of course, the price is also different, the price is different, so the materials used are also different. Generally, the paper is provided as a cardboard packaging wholesale. As the name suggests, the bright surface made of paper is cardboard. The outer paper is generally made of plastic. The jewelry box of the plastic embryo is usually a good mold. The rubber is made and the outside is attached. Layer paper, this paper is also divided into imported paper and domestic paper, so the price is also different. The lacquered wood box is mainly made of some wooden boards, some of which have some paint on the surface and some have a layer of wood grain paper. Mainly for the sake of beauty, the complexity of the specific work, will have a certain impact on the price.

jewelry packaging wholesale

Secondly, the most important thing in making jewelry packaging wholesale is the functionality and practicality of the product. When designing the jewelry packaging wholesale, the jewelry box must take into account the internal practicality, such as thickness, height, spacing size; jewelry packaging wholesale design must consider the jewelry box will generally have a gap, so be sure to pay attention to the partition The thickness, interval can be designed to put rings, earrings, buttons, watches, etc., according to the customer's requirements, the inside of the box must be careful not to spill glue.

jewelry packaging wholesale

There is also the stamping of the above jewelry box when the jewelry box is generally hot stamping or hot silver, the same method as the branded product, just put a layer of hot stamping on the branded surface, hot silver film.




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