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What scene can't wear jewelry?

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  • February 24, 2019

Jewelry can make people beautiful. Whether it's shopping or traveling, beautiful ladies wear jewelry, but some scenes can't wear jewelry. They should be stored in jewelry packaging boxes.


Gardening work
Dirt and small stones are very abrasive when doing gardening work. Your jewelry may be permanently damaged if not cleaned immediately. Therefore, it is a good idea to store the jewellery in the jewelry packaging boxes and then carry out the gardening work.


jewelry packaging boxes


When exercising
As long as you carry things, such as dumbbells, tennis rackets or golf clubs, it is best not to wear jewelry. Normal sweat can also cause damage to sterling silver.


Swimming, hot tub or shower
Salt water and chlorine can damage your jewelry. Chlorine will fade metals such as gold and platinum and will slowly erode the gemstone's finish and finish. It can even erode your pins and make them fall off completely. In addition, cold water can cause the fingers to contract, causing the ring to loosen and fall off.


Kitchen cooking
The things in the kitchen have become messy. Remove the ring and avoid applying sauce or cutting with a knife.


Use lotion or spray
The lotion can enter the cracks of the chain and the fork, and the lotion and spray will make a movie on your jewelry, making it dull.


The above is the scene where you can't wear jewelry. If you need to do these things, it is recommended to put the jewelry in the jewelry packaging boxes. If you need some beautiful jewelry packaging boxes, please contact us!





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