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How to make custom jewelry boxes more sustainable?

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  • January 22, 2022

What exactly is a sustainable jewelry box? Sustainable jewelry packaging is simply eco-friendly packaging that minimizes environmental impact and maximizes opportunities for recycling and reuse. So, how can you make custom jewelry boxes more sustainable?


          How to make custom jewelry boxes more sustainable?


1. Choose environmentally friendly materials
Paper - Although traditional paper materials are considered sustainable, environmental protection is also ranked in terms of raw materials. For example, for those paper made from recycled pulp and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, it is 100% environmentally friendly. However, if the pulp used in the production of some paper is extracted from trees, and the felling of these trees will have an impact on the global environment, it cannot be considered that the paper is 100% environmentally friendly.


Linen, cotton - materials such as linen and cotton are relatively expensive compared to paper. Both linen and cotton are fabrics made of fibers from plants, and the raw materials (linen, ramie, jute, sisal, abaca, cotton) have a very fast growth cycle and will not affect the forest environment, and No toxic and harmful gases are generated during the production process, and it can be quickly biodegraded even if it is finally discarded. It is one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials. Moreover, linen and cotton are also widely used in the packaging industry. They can be individually made into packaging tote bags, and can also be pasted on gray boards to make jewelry packaging boxes.


2. Choose environmentally friendly processes
The choice of ink when customizing jewelry box printing is a major factor in determining whether a print is environmentally friendly. Compared with ordinary inks, vegetable oil inks and UV inks are more environmentally friendly. Vegetable oil ink generally refers to soybean ink. Vegetable ink is renewable, non-hazardous, and recycled, and the amount used in production is relatively small and has no irritating odor. So it is one of the very environmentally friendly inks. Secondly, UV ink is directly under UV irradiation to achieve the effect of curing and printing. At the same time, UV ink is a kind of ink without solvent, fast drying speed, good gloss, bright color, water resistance, solvent resistance, and abrasion resistance. UV ink has become a relatively mature ink technology, and its pollutant emission is almost zero, so it is very environmentally friendly.


making custom jewellery boxes


The embossing process is to use a mold with concave and convex lines to deform the packaging material under the action of certain pressure and temperature to form a specific pattern, which will not have any impact on the environment during production. Therefore, the embossing process is also in the packaging. The most typical environmental protection process.


The subtlety of sustainability and the jewelry packaging industry is that everything from materials to resources, from the efficiency of the production process to the behavior of producers and consumers, is linked. From custom jewelry box materials to printed coatings, everything you can think of plays a role in the sustainability of the brand.



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