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What are the main equipments and materials used for custom packaging boxes factory bronzing?

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  • August 22, 2018
  What are the main equipments and materials used for custom packaging boxes factory bronzing? Stamping is mainly done by heating and pressing, transferring patterns or characters to the surface of the hot stamping material. The process is completed by the stamping machine which is heated to a certain temperature and the pressure to ensure the complete transfer of the foil with a special or pattern plate (such as zinc, copper plate, etc.). And keep the corresponding time. But attention should be paid to the choice of different types of electrified aluminum foil for different materials, and to adjust the appropriate temperature, pressure and stamping time in the operation to ensure the ideal hot stamping effect. The equipment and materials used in bronzing are mainly following.
custom plastic packaging boxes factory

1.custom packaging boxes factory stamping machine for bronzing.

At present, the main hot stamping machines are: 6 Station machines (suitable for all kinds of round surface, irregular whole surface, line, transfer, etc.), 8 station machines (suitable for all kinds of round surface, line ironing and transfer etc.), flat ironing machine and roller press machine (mainly used for printing flat products), circular press machine (including double circle machine, for stamping printing round surface printing) Pictures and texts on objects, special machines, which can be used to print all kinds of irregular products, such as the whole surface, lines and so on. The selection of bronzing equipment is the key factor to decide the quality of bronzing.

The sheet fed bronzing machine has three models: flat, flat, round and round. The largest application is flat press. Round press circle, circular press flat, flat press 3 kinds of stamping machines have their advantages and disadvantages. Circular press circle, circular press printing are line pressure, the total pressure is small, with relatively small pressure, it is easy to complete large area field hot stamping, smooth movement, and high efficiency of circular pressure circular production, especially suitable for large mass living parts. It is difficult to manufacture on the circular arc surface of copper plate, and the cost is higher. The heating drum is also more difficult than the plane heating. Flat press operation is flexible and convenient, which is more suitable for short version products.

Compared with imported hot stamping equipment, domestic hot stamping equipment has obvious advantages in performance price. The price of domestic machine is only equal to 1 / 5~1 / 4 of the price of the same kind abroad, but the precision, stability and function of the import machine are obviously superior to the domestic machine, and it is more durable than the domestic machine. It is more suitable for the fixed quantity and high grade packaging products. Work. Therefore, product type and batch is the key to decide the type of bronzing equipment.

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2.custom packaging boxes factory gold foil for gold stamping.

Hot gold foil, electrified aluminium foil, is the main material for hot stamping. The thickness of hot stamping foil is generally 6 microns to 35 microns, generally 12 microns. The thin printed foil is hot and clear, and thick printed foil will appear fonts and paste when hot stamping. The basic structure of hot stamping foil for basal layer, alcohol soluble pigmented resin layer layer, adhesive layer. It can be roughly divided into two thin parts: polyester film substrate and transfer layer. When stamping, the foil is touched with the substrate. The transfer layer is fused and transferred to the surface of the seal with the effect of heat and pressure. After the stamping is finished, the polyester film is stripped together with the part that is not transferred.

Hot stamping foil can be divided into general type (generally used for ABS, PVC, PS, PC), special type (PP color foil, generally used for PP, PE) and common type (ABS, PP, the temperature resistance of this foil is better). Hot stamping foil has two major categories: roll foil and single foil. The foil can be divided into different types according to the blanching material, including No. 1, No. 8, No. 12, No. 15, 18 and general type, such as gold, silver, brown red, light blue, black, red, green, etc. Various types of electric aluminum performance are different, and the suitable iron bearing materials are different. For example, No. 1 electric aluminum is suitable for hot stamping in light color ink, loose textured paper, leather, llac cloth, silk and organic glass, hard plastic. No. 8 electric aluminum is suitable for stamping on paper, lac cloth and leather, and No. 18 electric aluminum is suitable for stamping printing. The bottom color is dark ink and rough paper products and leather. The single pure gold foil is suitable for the book cover of cloth, silk, satin and leather, and the gold foil (3 kinds of red, green, middle red) and silver powder are suitable for the book cover of cloth (including paint), paper and silk, and the silver foil is suitable for the book cover of cloth, ethylene, leather and other materials.

3.custom packaging boxes factory gilding plate for bronzing.

The high quality bronzing plate is the primary factor to ensure the quality of bronzing. At present, making use of blocking version photographic etching and electronic engraving technology, materials commonly used base or zinc. The copperplate is finer, the surface finish and heat transfer effect are better than the zinc plate. The high quality copperplate can improve the gloss and outline of the gilding. The traditional photographic etching technology is simple and low in cost. It is mainly used in text, rough lines and general images. For fine, coarse and thin, unequal bronzing plates, two times of rotten depth or electric carving are used. Electric carvings for making gold.


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