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Innovative ideas for brand jewelry packaging boxes

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  • Jimmy at
  • June 02, 2019

Innovation is an important way for all enterprises to seek development. Environmental protection is the need of the development of the times. In order to make the brand expand its popularity, innovation is a must. Especially the brand jewelers should have innovative ideas in the jewelry packaging boxes.


designing Custom jewelry packaging boxes


So where do you add innovative ideas?

1. The function of jewelry packaging is constantly improving. In terms of adding practicality and reuse, make some changes, you can try modular combo jewelry boxes, these small boxes can exist independently, or can be combined by consumers DIY into larger jewelry boxes.

2. Jewelry box material use and joint method. Considering environmental factors, the use of natural materials will be more conducive to recycling. In general, bamboo / wood / paper and other materials are more conducive to environmental protection, combined with modern design, the jewelry box produced will have a different experience.

3. Jewelry packaging boxes combines cultural connotation and emotional experience. Well-known brand jewelers are very willing to link their brands with history and culture, which can enhance the value and attractiveness of the brand. The cultural theme of jewelry can be embodied in the packaging to achieve the purpose of uniform style, enhance the visual impression of the brand, and thoroughly convey its cultural connotation.



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