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What makes a cheap and beautiful watch box?

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  • Jimmy at
  • March 11, 2020

Nowadays, young people pay more and more attention to their appearance decoration. Watches have also been loved by many fashionable young people. Watch merchants have also paid more attention to the beauty of the watch itself to the creativity of the packaging box. The watch box is a very good choice, after all, the paper watch box is a good choice from price to design. The important design of a watch packaging box is the shape of the box. Here are some common shapes:



paper watch box factory


1. Flip watch box: Because it is in the shape of a paper embryo and cannot be hinged, you need to add a ribbon. The interior decoration depends on what kind of watch you put on.


2. Tiandi cover watch box: This shape is generally suitable for online sales products, and is more protective. The level of practice can be high or low. Because the machine can be used for goods, the cost of the watch cover is the lowest of all types . You can design as much money as you want.


paper watch box


3. Book-shaped watch box: It can be designed with multiple standard effects, such as separating the strap from the watch, or adding a few more straps is not a problem. The display effect is also good because it is one.


4. Drawer watch box: This type of design is a bit like the effect of the sky and earth cover, but the grade is still higher. Generally, an additional ribbon is also used for drawing. The cost of the drawer box will be difficult to make the sky and earth cover The shape, the purchasers of watch factories, if there are problems in the design of watch boxes, you can ask the manufacturer.



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