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How to check the qualification of the jewelry packaging boxes?

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  • April 07, 2019

When you customize or wholesale jewelry packaging boxes, will you test the jewelry packaging boxes? What kind of jewelry packaging boxes are qualified? With these two questions, please look down.


As a manufacturer specializing in jewelry packaging boxes, we know that the most common quality problems in the industry are as follows:


jewelry packaging boxes


1. Loose edge: After the paper is pasted, the four mouths of the box are not tightly adhered, and there is a hanging between the paper and the gray board.


2, wrinkle: after the paper, the appearance of the paper is irregular, and the length of the paper is different.


3. Broken angle: After the paper is pasted, the paper is damaged and white at the four corners of the box.


4, exposed ash (exposed bottom): because the accuracy of the knife plate manufacturing is not accurate, or the offset of the positioning during the paste operation, the folding paper is folded after the folding paper is folded, causing the gray plate to be exposed.



wholesale jewelry packaging boxes


5. Foaming: The outer surface of the box is partially arched with irregular and sized bubbles.


6, glue: the traces of glue remaining on the surface.


7. Protrusion (acne): There are particulate substances remaining in the base layer of the material, which will prop up the outer part and destroy the flatness of the outer surface of the box.


8. Bump angle: After the gray board is half-cut or slotted, the four sides are folded and formed to show the adjacent two sides.


9. Water ripple: After the box paste is finished, in order to make the corners adhere more tightly, it is necessary to use the scraper to scrape the four sides of the box. Because the force is not standard, the whole side will be presented. Long or short strips or vesicles appear to be water ripples.


These are the common problems with jewelry packaging boxes. If you don't have these problems with the jewelry packaging boxes, then congratulations, the jewelry packaging boxes manufacturers you choose are great.





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