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The importance of ink to theJewelry gift box factory

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  • September 04, 2018

Nowadays,the  jewellery gift boxes factory and some of the upscale gift box packaging manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the ink, because the ink plays an important role in determining the brightness and color of the product pattern during the customization of the packaging box. If the ink deployment or selection is not superior, then the jewelry gift boxes factory product quality will have a greater impact, from the loss of a customer only, it will affect the entire jewelry gift boxes factory reputation and market prospects.

jewelry gift boxes factory

Then the jewelry gift boxes factory will be at the point where printing has just been completed. At that time, the ink still has not yet reached the standard for drying. The just-printed side will look very bright, just like the glossy paper. This is actually the time. The printed field will be about 15 to 20 degrees brighter than the brightness of the surrounding white paper, and its surface will look very moist and bright like the traces written by the gel pen.

jewelry gift boxes factory

However, at this time, as the jewelry gift boxes factory began to dry and fix the ink, it was obvious that the gloss of the ink would be significantly reduced. If the solvent still stays on the ink at this time, the ink will maintain a certain degree of smoothness. However, as time goes by, the solvent slowly penetrates into the paper. At this point, the properties of surface finish need to be controlled by particles in the pigment. However, in this fixing and drying process, the particles of the pigment are much larger than those of the solvent. Therefore, the overall smoothness in the process of infiltration can only be reduced.

jewelry gift boxes factory

However, by the jewelry gift boxes factory can also know that the penetration rate of the solvent directly affects the gloss and smoothness of the ink during the whole process of dry penetration and fixation.



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