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How to color the Bracelet box wholesale?

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  • Jimmy at
  • August 06, 2018

Bracelet box wholesale is often a product's outer packaging and is highly valued. Therefore, it is required to be beautiful and satisfying people's aesthetics. This depends on the color design and deployment, and the connotation attached to the graphics and text should also be expressed.
The most important thing is the color of the Bracelet box wholesale. Hue is the general tendency of the color configuration on the screen, the total mood, is the main color of a group of colors, and dominates the printing technology in the whole picture. The packaging requirements are visually highlighted from the moment on the long-distance shelves to convey product information, which requires a strong overall tone to match the printing market.

Bracelet box wholesale

Therefore, the key to Bracelet box wholesale color design is the color design equipment consumables. The tone design requirements are consistent with the main features of the product. Tone design requirements are consistent with the times, different regions, and different nationalities, and should be able to adapt to this change and conform to the trend of the times.
Furthermore, it is the contrast and contrast of the Bracelet box wholesale colors. The two opposite colors are called contrasting colors, and the difference in hue brightness is the biggest, leaving a vivid and strong contrasting printing tool. Color can only be correctly expressed in the image printing alliance through comparison.

There is contrast, there is reconciliation. Two similar colors are called blending color printing tools. Color harmony gives people a sense of subtlety, richness, elegance, pleasure and comfort.
Another important aspect of Bracelet box wholesale color is the rhythm. People often say that music has a rhythm, why is there a rhythm in color? Rhythm is an important factor that constitutes the sense of form of the picture. There are many changes in the picture, such as strength and weakness, light and dark, rigid and soft, virtual reality, etc. The alternation of these contradictions is not a simple repetition, but a variety of forms. The rhythm movement, which has both repetition and development, restricts each other and promotes each other, reflecting the natural harmonious printing market.

The basic requirement of Bracelet box wholesale is to deal with the relationship between change and unity, to seek change in unity, and to seek unity in change. This is the so-called color rhythm.
The color design of Bracelet box wholesale is very particular. It is not a simple association that can come up with good ideas at once. It requires repeated consideration and understanding of color maturity. It’s not a matter of time to design a package to be perfect.